About AgeWell Middle Tennessee

Since 1985, AgeWell Middle Tennessee has been a trusted community resource, a catalyst for solutions to unmet needs and an advocate for older adults and caregivers. AgeWell champions informed and positive aging, and helps thousands of older adults and family caregivers each year find information and community resources.

As a unique nonprofit charged with identifying and addressing the unmet needs of older adults and their families, AgeWell Middle Tennessee created Eldercare Coach to help employers cultivate a caregiver friendly culture, and to support the needs of working caregivers. AgeWell offers eldercare assessments and best practice consultations for employers, along with on-site Lunch and Learns, pre-scheduled phone consults with a geriatric care professional and this online portal for caregivers.


AgeWell Middle Tennessee offers Eldercare Coach for information purposes only. It is not intended to substitute for the advice of you or your family member's healthcare team or provide medical diagnosis, treatment or therapy, nor is it intended to substitute for professional legal or financial planning advice.


Please seek the advice of your care recipient's healthcare team, legal and/or financial advisers before making any changes that could impact their physical/mental health, legal and/or financial well being.


We collect data about you the caregiver and the care recipient, the person you are caring for. If you choose to share it, we will collect information about the medical conditions affecting the care recipient. We also ask for, but do not require, information about the race and ethnicity of you and the care recipient. These data help us ensure that our programs fairly and equitably serve the needs of all racial groups and they allow us to monitor compliance with our anti-discrimination policies.

AgeWell Middle Tennessee does not share any of the information in Eldercare Coach. We provide you with a method to delete any information that you have previously shared with us. Contact us at eldercarecoach@agewelltn.org with any privacy related questions.