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Terms & Conditions

AgeWell Middle Tennessee offers Eldercare Coach for information purposes only. It is not intended to substitute for the advice of your loved one's healthcare team or to provide medical diagnosis, treatment or therapy, nor is it intended to substitute for professional legal and/or financial planning advice.


Please seek the advice of your care recipient's healthcare team, legal and/or financial advisers before making any changes that could impact their physical and/or mental health, legal and/or financial well being.


We collect data about you, the caregiver, and the person you are caring for, the care recipient. If you choose to share it, we will collect information about the medical conditions affecting the care recipient to inform the Eldercare Coach prior to phone consultations. We also ask for, but do not require, information about the race and ethnicity of you and the care recipient. This data helps us ensure that our programs fairly and equitably serve the needs of all racial groups, and they allow us to monitor compliance with our anti-discrimination policies.


In order to provide complimentary Eldercare Coach phone consultations for family caregivers who do not work for a subscribing employer or organization, AgeWell Middle Tennessee receives funding from GNRC-Area Agency on Aging and securely shares certain information with GNRC-Area Agency on Aging and Disability in return. We provide you with a method to delete any information that you have previously shared with us. Please contact us at with any privacy related questions or concerns.


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