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At AgeWell Middle Tennessee, we’re passionate about making it easy to get personalized and practical guidance, and we never promote, endorse or sell any type of product or service, nor do we receive payment for referrals. Our mission is to be a trusted local resource and champion for older adults and family caregivers.

Getting started is easy. Simply follow these steps.

Step 1:

Create a FREE account by clicking the "Sign Up" button and entering your name, email, password and other information.

Step 2:

Browse & try out our Eldercare Coach member resources.

Step 3:

Schedule a FREE phone consultation with an Eldercare Coach.

Want to learn more about Eldercare Coach & AgeWell Middle TN?

Reach out to us!

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Solutions for Caregivers

If you are one of the 42 million caregivers in America seeking guidance...we're here to help.


Percentage of caregivers who are women.

Caregivers are in every generation:

6% Silent Generation

34% Baby Boomers

29% Generation X

23% Gen Y (Millennials)

7% Gen Z


Percentage of caregivers who are employed

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TN caregiving help resources

Phone consultations are complimentary for caregivers thanks to grant support and partnerships with subscribing employers and organizations. 

Get Personalized Care

You’re not alone.

We’re on your team.

Eldercare Coach offers you trusted information, decision support tools and education through an easy to use website, along with pre-scheduled 30-minute phone consultations with a geriatric care professional.

Trusted Information

Learn more important eldercare topics, services and community resources by accessing AgeWell’s Directory of Services, caregiving resource guides and educational videos.

Decision Support Tools

Discover your “best fit” care options by using our online tool, Roobrik, to answer questions and receive a Care Fit report with specific recommendations.

Personalized Phone Consultations

Schedule a 30-minute phone consult with our Eldercare Coach to get personalized support and expert guidance as you navigate your caregiving journey

Here's How Eldercare Coach Can Help 

Here’s What You Can Do By Signing Up

Roobrik Decision Support Tool

In about 5 minutes, our free decision support tool, Roobrik, can help you learn more about your care needs and which options are the best fit.

Directory of Services

Find helpful information and locate services, care options & caregiver support in 13 counties of Middle Tennessee.

Phone Consultations

Schedule a 30-minute phone consultation with our Eldercare Coach at a time that’s convenient for you.

Learn about Eldercare

Explore our guidebooks, videos and links to other resources to discover helpful information about caregiving.

By creating a free account with us, you'll gain access to our Eldercare Coach resources and learn more about how we can help. 

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aging care resources tools

If you help an aging loved one with:

  • Scheduling appointments,

  • Transportation, 

  • A place to live,

  • Grocery shopping,

  • Picking up medication,

  • Making meals,

  • Bathing,

  • Or dressing…

You are a caregiver

Eldercare Coach Phone Consults Offer You

Qualified Expertise

AgeWell’s Eldercare Coach is a Licensed Master Social Worker with a certificate in Gerontology and years of experience helping family caregivers navigate the healthcare system.

Personalized Guidance

Consultations can save you time, provide support and help identify the resources most helpful for your specific situation.

Extensive Local Knowledge

AgeWell serves the 13 counties of Middle Tennessee and our care coach can help you find the most appropriate local resources for your situation and family.

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