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Employers lose...

A year to workplace disruptions related to elder care.


Source: Harvard Business School - Managing the Future of Work

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Eldercare Employer tools and resources

Solutions for Employers & Organizations

Caregiving is costing you…we're here to help.

caregiving tools family and parents
  • 30 Minute personal phone consultations with a geriatric care professional

  • Educational programs and resource guides

  • Online portal with trusted information, decision support tools, and a comprehensive directory of services

Your employees and members are caregiving and need support. Eldercare Coach is a turnkey program for employers and organizations that offers:

elderly caregiving family resources
employer caregiving benefits

A 2018 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation study found that employers could expect a return of between $3 and $13 dollars for every dollar spent on eldercare benefits.

Return on Investment

Eldercare is costing you.

We’re here to help.

  • Attract and retain talent by offering a caregiver friendly workplace

  • Boost employee productivity by reducing absenteeism and time spent on caregiving-related research during work

  • Enhance employee physical, mental, and emotional wellness by offering personalized support

Employers that partner with AgeWell Middle Tennessee to bring Eldercare Coach to their employees can:


82% of workers with caregiving responsibilities who say their productivity is affected.


61% of caregivers are employed, most working full time


32% of employees who have left a job due to caregiving.


Working caregivers rearranged work schedules, decreased hours, or took unpaid leave to provide care.


Caregivers leave their jobs to meet their caregiving responsibilities.

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